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Active Learning Workshops for Makerspaces – Video Demonstration

This is a placeholder post that will feature video for a conference paper I am working on for the International Symposium for Academic Makerspaces, at Yale University from October 16-19, 2019. When I finish filming and editing the video it

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Pandemic and Fake News: Fun Games That Teach Important Real-World Skills?

A few years ago I came home from a workshop at the University of Victoria on the topic of games for education (or gamification) and saw my son Matthew playing an interesting web-based game at our kitchen computer. Matthew appeared

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Introducing UVic Libraries Digital Scholarship Commons – AKA The Library Makerspace

Learn – Create – Collaborate The UVic Libraries Digital Scholarship Commons (DSC): serves all disciplines & communities.  Helps the community explore and express ideas in ways other than text helps with data management & long-term planning. The DSC does this

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Sharing Your TinkerCad Model

Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to share a TinkerCad model with someone else, or with a group. Enjoy!

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My Lucky 13 Years at the UVic Speakers Bureau!

I’ve been having so much fun working with my wonderful colleagues in the UVic Library Digital Scholarship Commons (or Makerspace) that my 13th year of been a member of the UVic Speakers Bureau snuck up on me! During my first

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Sketchfab Embed Test

Just testing to see if I can embed a Sketchfab 3D model in the middle of a blog post: New Qlone by richmccue on Sketchfab Success!

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Inspirational Inquiry Posters for Your Classroom

Trevor MacKenzie and Rebecca Bathurst-Hunt have made available some inspiring posters from their Inquiry Mindset book. The posters are a great reference and might be helpful to post on the wall in your classroom as a visual reminder to students about where they are

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