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The Way to Create QR Codes

Google just released it’s own URL shortener to compete with has most of the features that brings to the table, but has a couple of  extra features that I am very interested in. Along with creating very

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The Joys of Managing a University Website Home Page

For anyone who has worked on a University website committee, the venn diagram below is very recognizable! Another great XKCD cartoon.

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Navigating the Maze that is a Library

I found an email in my inbox this morning about an new building Way-finding utility that UC Davis Law School is working on. You’ll need to use your Firefox web browser for this early version of the app to work (a Chrome

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Mobile Computing Discussion @ UVic Libraries

Here’s a link to the outline of the Mobile Computing Discussion I’m leading today at the UVic Libraries.  Once I’ve cleaned up the notes, I’ll post them below: Reading List for Mobile Computing and the iPad Discussion: Reminders From Out

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How to get a Higher Google Ranking for my Website?

What follows is an email I sent to a friend hopefully helping him to better understand how Google’s Page Rank system works, and how he can get his website on the first page of Google search resluts: I’m glad that

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How to get a Higher Google Ranking for your Website

I found an excellent article a few weeks ago, that outlines things people should do if they want to improve the Google ranking of their web site. You can read the full article by Danny Wall here. For those of

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