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Google Keep’s Location Reminder: Helping Me Use All Those Christmas Gift Cards & More!

The other day I received a $25 gift card from my favourite Outdoor supply store, Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC). I know I’ll be able to use it eventually, but given the sad state of my memory, how will I remember

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Back to College Tech Guide 2014

It’s usually in August when people start asking me for advice on what laptop they should buy for their children heading off to university. If you are in a specialized technical oriented program like computer science, engineering or architecture, please

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A great article on how to slow down spen

A great article on how to slow down spending habits. One idea I’ve already implemented: a 30 day wait list for toys.

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How Do You know If You Are Really Building “Green”?

One thing I have learned since we installed an electricity monitor in our home, is that I really had now idea which appliances were using the most electricity.  Several years ago we installed compact florescent bulbs in the house to reduce our

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Shopping in Stores, but Purchasing Online… and Saving Lots of Money

Twice in the past two weeks, I’ve gone to stores in order to purchase specific items, but was been shocked at how high the in store prices were.  Both times I quickly pulled out my iPhone and checked the price

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Make Your Own Custom Map on Google Maps!

Want to make your own map with custom pins showing important locations (important to you in any case). How about custom directions? Look no further than Google’s “My Maps”. All you need is a Google account, and then surf on

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Would you be Happier if you had More Money?

I read an interesting article a few weeks ago. The title caught my attention. It was called, “Would You Be Happier If You Were Richer?” I know that sometimes I think I’d be happier if I had a bit more

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