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Knowledge Management Tools for Academic Legal Researchers

Introduction: We’re going to look at 7 different tools that will help you develop a more efficient research work flow. It is not expected that you’ll use all the tools, but most students find that they’d have a hard time

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A Flipped Class: Knowledge Management Tools & Research Software

For the past four years I’ve taught the session on Knowledge Management tools for Law Students in an Advanced Legal Research a Writing class. In an effort to help the students get more out of the session, this year I

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UVic Law Student Technology Survey 2011

Introduction to the Survey Results In addition to the technology questions we’ve been asking UVic Law students over the past nine years, we decided for the second year in a row to ask some extra questions about the mobile technology

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Backup your Computer as Easy as 1-2-3

She said that she’s lost everything…  I’ll never forget the afternoon I helped a law student configure her new laptop. Most students are excited as they setup a new computer, but not this one. I asked her if she was

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Tech Advice for Students going back to College

Now that I can hear the voices of excited Law Students in the hallways of the Fraser Building, I thought I’d take a moment to pass on a little bit of technology advice to help students avoid the most common

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Family Friendly Home Internet Setup – Redux

A couple of years ago I wrote a blog post about how to create a family friendly internet setup in your home.  Given how quickly technology changes, I thought it was time to revisit the topic to see what has

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Drop Box: File Sharing across the Internet or across the Room Made Easy

Drop Box backs up and synchronizes files between computers.  Great for someone with a desktop and a Netbook for when they’re on the road. Drop Box is also very good for sharing files… can email links to publicly shared

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