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Turn Your iPod into A WiFi iPhone

David Pogue just wrote a great review in the NY Times for a new app for your iPod Touch, that turns your new iPod Touch into a iPhone (when in a wi-fi zone like your home) complete with a local

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UVic Law Student Technology Survey 2010

Introduction to the Survey Results In addition to the technology questions we’ve been asking UVic law students over the past seven years, we decided to ask some extra questions about the increasing important mobile technology that students are arriving at

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Flip fast through online News with Google Fast Flip

An new product came out of Google labs a couple of days ago called Google Fast Flip. Instead of scrolling through text, you can browse through thumb nails of the news items.  The thumb nails are large enough to read

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Google Reader: Stop skipping around the web for your morning news

Tired of having to navigate to two, three or more websites every morning to get your news?  Do you want to keep up to date with some research and or news on a particular subject?  If so, Google Reader may

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Swin Flu: Not as bad as the hype in the media would lead one to believe

The most insightful information I’ve seen on the Swine Flu… a very interesting graph from the Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta. Shows numbers of deaths from regular flu season, and then death’s from the swine flu. Doesn’t look as

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Anthrax, Digital Signatures & Our Mail

Anthrax, Digital Signatures & Our Mail: How we will do business in the future November 1, 2001 Infected paper cuts used to be the most dangerous occupational hazard you could expect to face while working in the mail room. Unfortunately

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