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uBlock Origin Can Speed Up Your Web Browsing

Ad Blockers can go a long way towards fixing two chronic problems we experience while browsing the web: Annoying ads, including pop-up and flash video ads, and Websites that are sometimes surprisingly slow loading pages.   One of the more

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MOOC’s, 1 to 1 Laptop Programs, Flipped Learning, iPads: Is EdTech Worth the Investment?

This morning I spoke to a great group of Faculty from UVic’s English Language Centre about the value of educational technology.  Below are the slides from my presentation and I’ve also included a link to a PDF with my presentation notes for

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Making the case for Word Processing on the Web: Collaborative Document Editing

Why would someone use an web based word processor for a school paper instead of Microsoft Word? Here are three reasons: When collaborating with classmates on a group project, do you get tired of trying to figure out which of

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Easy to Remember Very Strong Passwords

Creating and using good passwords is the digital equivalent of flossing our teeth. We all know we should do it, but it’s time consuming and not easy to do. The good news is that it’s possible to create strong, but

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Become a Reporting Jedi Master with Google Docs Pivot Tables

Spreadsheet of Data + Google Docs Pivot Tables = Reporting Jedi Master Pivot tables are the quickest and easiest way to get useful information out of spreadsheets of data… especially large spreadsheets of data. Google Docs makes using pivot tables quite easy

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A Wordle Representation of My Blog

Wordle is an interesting way to visualize a body of text like a blog.  Students are research appear to be my two most favourite topics on my blog; at least by word count.  If I had guessed before hand I

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YouTube & Facebook: Educational Distractions or Learning Tools?

Do YouTube and Facebook distract students?  Of course they do!  On the other hand, can YouTube and Facebook help students with their school work?  When my partner found herself in a college class with a teaching challenged professor, I was

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