AI-Powered ChatGPT Answered My Obscure MakerSpace Badging Question Surprisingly Well

Wow! I finally tried the AI-powered ChatGPT to answer a question for me. I asked it a question I know the answer to, which does not have a definitive answer, and it nailed it from my perspective:

“Is informal credentialing helpful for academic makerspace users in finding jobs?”

ChatGPT’s quite good summary of the current state of research on this fairly obscure topic as you can see here:

“It’s difficult to say for certain whether informal credentialing would be helpful for academic makerspace users in finding jobs, as it depends on a variety of factors. Informal credentialing, such as certificates or badges earned through participation in makerspace programs, may be seen as a valuable addition to a person’s resume, particularly if the program is well-regarded and the skills learned are relevant to the job they are applying for. However, it’s also important to consider the expectations of employers in the field and whether they view informal credentialing as a worthwhile measure of a person’s abilities. Ultimately, the decision to pursue informal credentialing will depend on an individual’s specific career goals and the opportunities available to them.”

I’ve recently done some research on the topic of Informal Credentials for Academic Makespace users, and it aligns nicely with what I found on the topic. Interestingly when I asked it the exact same question a couple of hours later, the answer was similar, but noticeably different, so professors won’t be able to recreate ChatGPT’s answers to check for possible plagiarism. Here’s an animated GIF of ChatGPT in action:

An annimated GIF of ChatGPT anwsering a question about Informal Credentials for Makersapce users.

That said, I can see myself using ChatGPT as a tool to help me with my writing, but I will cite it appropriately. We live in very interesting times!

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