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Muscle Memory Lasts a Long Time…

This past Friday while I playing in goal for the first time for my men’s O40 soccer team I realized how profound and long lasting muscle memory is. Early in the game when it came time for me to make

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Will Getting That Pay Raise Make You Happier?

The short answer is no… unless you earn less than $50,000 per year, a pay raise won’t make you happier.  Once your basic needs are met, earning more money will not make you any happier. Will becoming more attractive make

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Why Do We Get Fat?

I’ve been hearing lots about Gary Taubes’ “Why We Get Fat” book. In it he argues that the calories-in/calories-out model is wrong, and that a low carb, moderate fat diet is good. Here’s an insightful critique of the main assertions

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Learn to Be Lucky?

Researcher Richard Wiseman says in his Telegraph article, that the difference between lucky and unlucky people is that lucky people notice the opportunities around them, and unlucky people miss those opportunities.  Why so the unlucky not see the opportunities? Because

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I never realized how much my dog Maggie could teach me about Marriage.

I never realized how much my dog Maggie could teach me about marriage. Much cheaper than counseling 😉

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Anti-Angiogenesis: A Silver Bullet for Many Cancers?

William Li reviews promising research and studies that show Anti-Angiogenesis drugs and foods reducing cancer tumor size by cutting off their blood supply.  Eating the right foods can be helpful in reducing the probability of large tumor formation in people as

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Science and Morality?

Sam Harris makes some interesting arguments for why science should be involved in evaluating moral arguments in his recent TED Talk. He argues that there is often not one “correct” position to take on an issue, but a range of

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