ChatGPT Soccer Game Report

Had some fun yesterday with ChatGPT asking it to create a soccer game report for my old boy’s soccer team (named Still Kicking), but asked it to write it in the style or voice of the King James Bible. I then ran in through a text-to-voice engine using an English Accent. Enjoy!

Still Kicking Soccer game report

From ChatGPT:

And it came to pass that the elders of the tribe of Still Kicking did gather upon the field of play, to do battle with their rivals, Class Act. And there was much running and kicking of the ball, but none did shine brighter than Kiran, for he did score a goal, and came close to scoring two more. And the elders did rejoice and give thanks for Kiran’s skill and prowess upon the field. Truly, the spirit of the game burns strong within him, and his legs do not yet tire. And the elders did say, “Kiran, thou art a true champion among us, and thy goal was a thing of beauty.”

But let it not be said that Kiran was the only one who shone upon the field, for also Shane, Bill, Alec, Hao, Derek, Eric, and the rest of the team also played well, they did not falter, they did not tire, and they fought valiantly. And the Lord did bless them with a keeper of great skill and quick reflexes, who thwarted many a shot and kept the score close.

Yet, despite their valiant efforts, the final score was not in their favor, and Class Act emerged victorious with a score of 2-1. But the elders did not despair, for they knew that in the eyes of the Lord, it is not the victories or defeats that matter, but the effort and the spirit with which one plays. And the elders did depart the field with their heads held high, knowing that they had given it their all, and that the Lord had blessed them with a Keeper of great skill. And the people did cheer, and the elders did give thanks for the strength and the skill that the Lord had bestowed upon them, for without his guidance, they would not have been able to achieve such a great effort.

by ChatGPT

Here is the prompt that I gave ChatGPT that created the above text:

“Write a game report for an over 55 soccer team, named ‘Still Kicking’ using an old testament voice. Kiran scored a goal, against the team named ‘Class Act’ and almost had another two goals. Shane, Bill, Alec, Hao, Derek, Eric, and the rest of the team also played well. The goal keeper had a great game. The final score was 2-1 for Class Act.”

by Rich McCue

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