My Lucky 13 Years at the UVic Speakers Bureau!

A UVic Speakers Bureau photo from 2013.

I’ve been having so much fun working with my wonderful colleagues in the UVic Library Digital Scholarship Commons (or Makerspace) that my 13th year of been a member of the UVic Speakers Bureau snuck up on me! During my first year with the Bureau back in 2006, I offered three different presentations that year titled:

  • Computers for Everyone? Open Source Software Opens Possibilities
  • Disasters and Computers: How to Prepare Your Home computer for Everything from Deleted Files to Natural Disasters
  • Research and Collaboration in the 21st Century: Google vs. the Library

Currently, I receive five or six requests for talks a year, and typically a, invited to present to community groups, high school classes, school district ProD days, and units in government ministries and departments.

Telepresence Robot at a conference.

The most interesting invitation I have received over the years, was to present to the PEO, or Philanthropic Educational Organization, which is a “is a philanthropic organization where women celebrate the advancement of women, educate women through scholarships, grants, awards, loans.” They were a wonderful group, with excellent insights and questions. As the only “guy” in the room I felt out of place for only the first couple of minutes before starting my talk on best practices for backing up personal computers.

While I should probably add an Academic Makerspace related talk or two for next year, I am currently offering to present the following talks through the Speakers Bureau:

To check out all the topics offered by the UVic Speakers Bureau, check out their searchable database of talks

Teaching at a ProD day at GNS high school.

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