Video Editing & Podcasting In-Class Activities for EDCI 336


As you work through the hands-on video creation and podcasting activities below, please think about these three things while keeping in mind the subjects and grade levels you hope to teach:

  1. Would it be useful for you to make some of your own instructional videos or podcasts to help your learners? Are there videos that others have made that you could share with your learners to save your valuable time?
  2. What are some of the benefits your learners gain by creating their own video or podcast?
  3. Do you anticipate that your learners will have access to laptops to watch and/or create videos or podcasts?

Video Editing Activities

iMovie and ClipChamp are powerful tools that enable you to easily edit and modify video footage. Both software packages are free to use on their respective platforms and have numerous features that create wonderful effects. iMovie is created by Apple which supports Mac and IOS users whereas Microsoft ClipChamp is automatically included in Windows 11 (and downloadable for Windows 10 users). This workshop will walk you through the key features of these video editors.

Podcasting Activities

You might want to quickly look over these Podcast Planning & Tips before diving into the hands-on Podcasting activities below:

Interactive Screencasts (Optional But Very Cool)


  • Note: You will need to use the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browser as Screencastify is a Chrome plugin. If you don’t have one of these browsers, either talk to Rich about your options, or download and install either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge on your laptop.
  • Select a website or web game that you are familiar with that you can demonstrate how to use in your screencast tutorial. For example, I’m a fan so I’d open up Unsplash in preparation for making a screencast of how to use it.
  • Work through this screencasting with ScreenCastify activity, and create a 1-2 minute tutorial video for how to use the website you chose to demonstrate (25 min)


  • I would like everyone to develop at least a basic competency in Video editing as video editing is an important tool for creating multimedia learning objects. Here is an example of the screencast style of video I would like you to create, using your own screencast recording, right after you finish watching it (2 min):
  • Edit the screencast video you just created using either the Mac or Windows tutorials depending on your laptop (please use the screencast video you just created and not the “miniature goat” video linked to in the tutorial).
  • Following the instructions in the tutorial, either upload your screencast video to YouTube (and then embed it in your Blog), or upload your video directly to your Blog. You will eventually include your video as part of your weekly reflection.

Step 3 – Make your Screencast Interactive with H5P:

You might want to watch the short H5P video below before you create your own Interactive H5P video on your blog:

Make your screen cast (or edited video) interactive by working through this H5P interactive video activity: H5P Video Activity!

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