Keychain Cellphone Stand: Design & Make Your Own!

Cellphone Stand DesignIf you have a cellphone and watch videos on it, this keychain stand will be very useful. All you need to make it is:

  1. Create a free account at AutoDesk’s TinkerCad website (a great free web-based 3D design program)
  2. Design your custom Keychain Cellphone Stand using the instructions from the UVic Libraries Digital Scholarship Commons website Creative Commons licensed handout (free to use and distribute). If you don’t have access to callipers to measure the width of your cellphone, just use a ruler: 
  3. Print your custom Keychain Cellphone Stand design on a 3D printer:
    1. It only costs about $0.40 to print this project on the University of Victoria Libraries’ 3D printers in the Digital Scholarship Commons (aka the library makerspace). 
    2. If you’re not part of the UVic community it costs less than $5 to print it with PLA material through the 3D hubs website: 

Have fun and please share this tutorial with anyone who you think might be interested. Enjoy!

Keychain Cellphone Stand

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