Farewell Miss Porkchop

Miss Porkchop

Our mischievous Miss Porkchop passed away yesterday evening surrounded, held, and loved by her family. We are so grateful to have become the forever family of our formerly stray corgi-cross from Saskatchewan for the past three and a half years.

Porkchop always enjoyed the little pleasures of life, like eating as much as she could as often as she could, long belly rubs, walks with mom & dad (but not too long), napping and snoring loudly on her bed all morning while her dad worked beside her during the Covid lockdown.

Porkchop is now in one of her happy places, under the yellow plum tree in our back yard where she loved to eat plums off the ground and dig holes in the ground every summer. The boys lovingly expanded Porkchop’s pre-existing hole to accommodate her last night after she passed.

We didn’t know exactly how old Porkchop was when we adopted her, but are so grateful for the love and comic relief she brought our family and neighbours. Our hearts are broken but grateful. Farewell Porkchop.

Surrounded and loved by her family as she passed…
In the last hours before Porkchop passed.
Getting lots of love from Jillian in her last hours with us.
Wearing her very fashionable mermaid life jacket.
Waiting for family to come home, or to bark at the neighbourhood deer.
Getting some belly rubs from niece Norah at Gold Stream Park
Porkchop and nephew Merry rocking their new Christmas pyjamas last year.
Loving and supporting Matthew while he was sick in the hospital.
Helping Emily build some deck chairs.

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