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Back to College Tech Guide 2014

It’s usually in August when people start asking me for advice on what laptop they should buy for their children heading off to university. If you are in a specialized technical oriented program like computer science, engineering or architecture, please

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Phone & iPod Touch Apps for Students

Can iPhones and iPod Touches be more than just a distraction for students, but actually help you with your home work and research?  Below are some apps that can help turn your mobile device into a tool for better grades. I’ll

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Mobile Technology in High Schools; Surprise! 48% of Students Never or Rarely Use Libraries

I was asked to talk to a class of Grade 10 students at Belmont Secondary School on how to effectively use mobile technology (smart phones & iPod Touches for example) for their home work and research. Here’s the handout I

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Backup your Computer as Easy as 1-2-3

She said that she’s lost everything…  I’ll never forget the afternoon I helped a law student configure her new laptop. Most students are excited as they setup a new computer, but not this one. I asked her if she was

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My Top 9 Favourite iPad Apps

Someone asked with a new iPad asked me today for my top 5 iPad apps. I had a hard time limiting it to 5, so below are my top 7 iPad apps.  There are a few apps that I love

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Netbooks: To Buy or Not To Buy?

At the last conference I attended, at least 20% of the people with laptops were using NetBooks this year.  The reason why I took notice, is because at the same conference the previous year there was not a single NetBook

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Home much is your PC costing you?

Ever wondered how much it costs to run your computer? That depends on how energy efficient your computer is, and how much electricity costs in your city. I can at least tell you how much it cost me to run

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