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Swiftsure Yacht Race 2011

For me Swiftsure began on the week before as I scrambled to get all the gear together for the race. A life jacket with a harness, a tether, as well as a water activated light attached to my life jacket.

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Why Do We Get Fat?

I’ve been hearing lots about Gary Taubes’ “Why We Get Fat” book. In it he argues that the calories-in/calories-out model is wrong, and that a low carb, moderate fat diet is good. Here’s an insightful critique of the main assertions

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Money Does Not Motivate Knowledge Workers. What Does?

Dan Pink gives an excellent 10 minute talk about what motivates people in their jobs, with an animator brings the highlights to life as he talks.  Here’s my summary for those not patient enough to watch the video: For manual

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A great article on how to slow down spen

A great article on how to slow down spending habits. One idea I’ve already implemented: a 30 day wait list for toys.

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Who knew that Lada Gaga was a Librarian!

I work in a law library, but I can quite imagine our librarians doing a remix of a Lady Gaga song called “Catalog” (aka Poker Face).  You really have to be up on your library terminology to get what the reworked lyrics

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Your Digital Legacy and the Unthinkable

Like flossing your teeth, keeping track of your all your user accounts, passwords and digital assets is not easy to remember to do.  So why is it important to keep an organized record of information like this, when you can

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Google Responds to Privacy Concerns [humor]

I saw a great faux news article on the Onion News Network titled, “Google Responds to Privacy Concerns With Unsettlingly Specific Apology“.  For starters the article is very funny.  What makes it even better, is that it addresses problems that

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