Google Sketchup – Build Your Campus Competition

If you’ve spent some time playing around in Google Earth, you’ve probably noticed the 3 Dimensional buildings in major US cities. The 3D buildings are drawn using a free Google program called Google Skechup. It is a very easy to use CAD program that reminded me of my days in grade 8 when I was took my first drafting class. It is a lot of fun to play with.

Down town Seattle in Google Earth

Google has announced a contest where the team that creates the best 3D version of their university or college campus with sketchup wins a trip to Google headquarters in Mountain View California. Very cool. I just wish I was back in College. I’ll see if my Son wants to do his school, and submit it. As a 9 year old he might be able to impress the judges even if his "campus" is a little smaller then most.

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