Great iPhone App: RunKeeper

I’ve been using RunKeeper for 7 months now and love it!  RunKeeper is an iPhone application that maps your runs for you via the GPS device built into all  iPhone 3G and 3GS’s.  You can look at your iPhone during your run to see what your pace is and how you are doing time wise (see the image to the right for an example of what you would see during a run). The paid version of the application reports your distance and pace through your head phones.

After you’ve finished your run, you can see the route you took on Google Maps on your iPhone, or go to your computer and log on to and see a more detailed map of the route you ran. The map on the website is excellent, complete with a graph showing your speed during your run, as well as the altitude you were at.  For me this clearly shows how I slow down when going down hills, and how I speed up at the end of the run as I push to the finish line. Click here for a view of a run I did a few months ago.

There are both free and paid versions of RunKeeper.  The free version has most of the features of the paid version, but $10 is not a high price for this excellent application if you end up using it a lot.  Have run running!

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