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Introducing UVic Libraries Digital Scholarship Commons – AKA The Library Makerspace

Learn – Create – Collaborate The UVic Libraries Digital Scholarship Commons (DSC): serves all disciplines & communities.  Helps the community explore and express ideas in ways other than text helps with data management & long-term planning. The DSC does this

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My Lucky 13 Years at the UVic Speakers Bureau!

I’ve been having so much fun working with my wonderful colleagues in the UVic Library Digital Scholarship Commons (or Makerspace) that my 13th year of been a member of the UVic Speakers Bureau snuck up on me! During my first

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Retro Arcade Project

I’ve been working on a Retro Arcade emulation project for a while and now I’m almost finished it! Here are the slides from my presentation today at UVic’s Ideafest and below are links to the build instructions and open source projects

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Back to College Tech Guide 2015

It’s usually in August when parents start asking me for advice on what laptop they should buy for their children heading off to university. If you are in a specialized technical oriented program like computer science, engineering or architecture, please consult

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uBlock Origin Can Speed Up Your Web Browsing

Ad Blockers can go a long way towards fixing two chronic problems we experience while browsing the web: Annoying ads, including pop-up and flash video ads, and Websites that are sometimes surprisingly slow loading pages.   One of the more

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Worried About Browser Tracking Cookies? The Privacy Badger is Here to Help!

If you are like me and are somewhat concerned about the ability of large companies and three letter organizations (ahhem… NSA) tracking your web browsing through web browser cookies, evercookies or more recently, super cookies, shared by online advertising networks,

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MOOC’s, 1 to 1 Laptop Programs, Flipped Learning, iPads: Is EdTech Worth the Investment?

This morning I spoke to a great group of Faculty from UVic’s English Language Centre about the value of educational technology.  Below are the slides from my presentation and I’ve also included a link to a PDF with my presentation notes for

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