LTSP Saves Schools Big

I ran across an interesting article on the Linux Terminal Server Project in schools. A school in Utah reports annual savings of $24,000 by having moved to linux terminal server away from Microsoft workstations. Those savings include software licencing costs, hardware upgrades, and support costs.

From the article:

Grace Lutheran’s installation stats:

  • >60 Pentium 1 and Pentium II computers for 250 total students
  • One computer lab of 25 computers
  • 9 classrooms with an average of four computers in each classroom
  • Actual cost of Linux thin client conversion for all 60 computers: under $15,000
  • Estimated annual maintenance cost: $3,600
  • Comparable cost of PC/Windows installation: $50,000
  • Estimated annual maintenance cost of a PC/Windows solution: $24,000
  • Net yearly savings, based on four-year replacement cycle: $29,150

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