YouTube Video Editor -> Free & Easy Video Editing for the Masses!

The YouTube Video editor has made creating your own custom video more accessible and easier than ever. Video editing was once the domain of expensive video software and high end computers. The YouTube Video Editor is makes video editing available for free to all YouTube or Gmail users for free, and runs on any computer with a modern web browser. Below is a short tutorial to get you editing your first video in less than 10 minutes.

Some of the features that make the YouTube Video editor so nice are:

  • You can combine multiple videos and images you’ve uploaded to your YouTube account to create a new video.
  • Trim your clips to custom lengths to cut out unwanted video.
  • Add music to your video from a free library of music, or use your own music.
  • Customize clips with tools and special effects.
  • Edit your video on any computer with a web browser & easily move between computers, including between Windows, Mac, ChromeBooks or Linux. Great feature, especially if you use library computers or work in a computer lab.
  • Publishing your videos on YouTube couldn’t be easier as it’s already on YouTube!
  • It’s free!

Some if the limitations compared to other video editing programs are:

  • You have to be online to edit videos (no editing in airplanes).
  • To download a local copy of the video to your computer, you have to use 3rd party plugin like
  • You need to have a YouTube or Google account to edit videos.
  • Videos are stored on servers in the USA, and are subject to the Patriot Act.

If you’d like to read through some features of the YouTube Video Editor, Google has created a nice page that outlines the Features of the YouTube Video Editor in some detail.  Happy Video Editing!

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