Serbian Rule of Law Project – Day 1

temple_sm.jpgI took off from Nanaimo at 10:35 yesterday, changed planes in Vancouver, changed planes in London, and arrived in Belgrade at 1:30 today. It was a very long trip, but I was able to get some sleep on the Vancouver to London leg, so I haven’t felt too jet lagged today. Unfortunately my luggage didn’t arrive with me. Hopefully it will get here tomorrow. I was about an hour and a half late getting out to the main lobby of the airport, and was grateful to see that Mio, one of the Serbian staff from NCSC (National Centre for State Courts – Funded by USAID), was still waiting for me. I was taken back to Hotel Moscow in in old Belgrade, to drop off my single bag, and then went out for an enjoyable dinner with the program director David Anderson and fellow contractor Katie. They were able to give me more background on the project and highlight some of the things that they wanted me to be aware of while visiting the Law Schools.

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