Anti-Angiogenesis: A Silver Bullet for Many Cancers?

William Li reviews promising research and studies that show Anti-Angiogenesis drugs and foods reducing cancer tumor size by cutting off their blood supply.  Eating the right foods can be helpful in reducing the probability of large tumor formation in people as they age.

Very, very interesting!  Here are some good foods to start with:

Here is the 20 Minute TED Talk where Dr. Li talks about his findings:


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  1. A very high percentage of these foods are recommended as part of an alkaline diet.
    There is a lot of research that also suggests that there are many medical problems that can be reversed or significantly helped by watching our PH levels. I’ve recently been diagnosed with Osteoporosis and recommend that everyone read up on the impact on our health of an Acid versus Alkaline diet. It will really amaze you!

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