Google Keep’s Location Reminder: Helping Me Use All Those Christmas Gift Cards & More!

The other day I received a $25 gift card from my favourite Outdoor supply store, Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC). I know I’ll be able to use it eventually, but given the sad state of my memory, how will I remember to use it when I’m in the store?

My solution is to use Google Keep, and it’s location reminder feature.  You can copy and paste all sorts of information into google keep on your computer of phone, and then access it or search for it from either when every you need to. You can also tell it to remind you about a note or list when you visit a specific location:

Google Keep Location Reminder

The killer feature that I’m using here is Google Keep’s “Location Reminder”. The next time I walk into the local MEC store, my phone will buzz and remind me that I have a gift certificate to use at the store.  Is that cool or what!  I can also share the note with my partner so that she can use it if she’s shopping there before me.  This would also work well for shopping lists, and all sorts of other small things that are often forgotten, but useful to be reminded of at specific locations and/or times.  Enjoy!


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