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Google Keep’s Location Reminder: Helping Me Use All Those Christmas Gift Cards & More!

The other day I received a $25 gift card from my favourite Outdoor supply store, Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC). I know I’ll be able to use it eventually, but given the sad state of my memory, how will I remember

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Anti-Angiogenesis: A Silver Bullet for Many Cancers?

William Li reviews promising research and studies that show Anti-Angiogenesis drugs and foods reducing cancer tumor size by cutting off their blood supply.  Eating the right foods can be helpful in reducing the probability of large tumor formation in people as

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The Gravy Guy

An interesting thing has happened to me over this past year. Almost every time there has been a big family dinner on my wife’s side of the family, I have been press ganged into making the gravy. Up until this

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