Converting YouTube Videos & DVD’s for your kids iPods

“How can I save a YouTube file and save play it on my kids iPod on our next 12 hour road trip?”  Believe it or not, this is a question that I get fairly frequently as systems administrator at the UVic Law Library, and as the neighbourhood technology guru.  Here are a couple of tools that can make downloading flash videos from YouTube (or other video websites), a fairly easy task:

Step 1: Open Firefox, and download the Video Download Helper plug-in.  This plugin will allow you to save Flash Files to your desktop.  If that is allow you want to do, then you should be able to view the video using a video player like VLC Player.  If you want to convert the flash video into something playable on your iPhone or iPod, then on to the next step.

Step 2: If you are running Windows and want to convert the flash video to an iPhone compatible format, or Windows media format, then I’d suggest you download and install Format Factory.  If you are running Mac OSX, then I’d download Handbrake, to do the conversion job.

DVD Conversion: If all you want to do convert some DVD’s to iPhone or iPod Touch format for the road trip, then install Handbrake on your computer and rip the DVD’s into MP4 files.  This will take a while to convert the videos (almost as long as it would take to watch the video itself), but can be worth while if everyone is able to keep their sanity on the trip.

Have fun converting YouTube videos for your kids iPods for that next long family road trip!

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