Maggie our Labr-Chicken

Recently my son Ryan was substituting for a friend on his Times Colonist paper route, with Maggie (our dog) tagging along to get some sorely needed exercise.  It was early in the morning (before 6am) when Ryan and Maggie saw a deer.  As they slowly moved towards the deer, instead of running away as is the usual MO of our neighborhood deer, the buck started to charge towards Maggie (this probably sounds similar to another recently told Maggie story).  The deer chased Maggie around the front yard of a house, but did not follow her when she ran up the steps to the front porch .

Once the “attack deer” had left the scene, Ryan tried to get Maggie to leave the porch so that they could finish the paper route together.  She would not move!  Ryan spent a couple of minutes trying to get her to leave the porch, but she wouldn’t budge, for fear of encountering the deer again. Fortunatly the owner of the house saw what happened and came out and told Ryan that he would stay with Maggie until he finished delivering his papers.  By the time Ryan was finished, Maggie had calmed down enough that she walked home with Ryan under her own power… We love Maggie, but she really is a Labr-Chicken!

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