Serbian Rule of Law Project – Day 12

The Belgrade Police Station.Today has been a report writing day from start to finish. I’ve been chasing down the last few requirements for my reports: A vend card system for student printing, windows training for law court judges and staff, and finally legal database access for Westlaw, Lexus/Nexus among others. Not much exciting to report.

On the side you can see a picture that I took on Monday of one of two police stations that the US bombed back in 1999.The amazing thing about the bombing of these buildings is that it appears that both buildings were hit directly in the middle (looking at them from the front), give or take a metre. I asked Mirko the other day if this way typical, or if they were just lucky. Mirko replied that almost everything they hit the hit right in the middle.

It’s 9PM here in Belgrade and I should probably get back to report writing…

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  1. Hi Rich,
    I’ve enjoyed reading your daily diary of the Serbian project. Thanks for keeping us informed.

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