UVic Law – 2004 Incoming Student Computer Survey

Incoming Student Computer Survey
UVic Faculty of Law
2004/2003 Comparison

Wireless Laptop owner ship by incoming first year students rose from 66% to 75% this year. The percentage of students with no laptop and no home Computer also declined from 7% to 3%. There was a comment asking if there could be a secure area to store laptops in at the law school so they don’t have to be lugged around all the time (You would think lockers would serve this purpose? Do we need more lockers?)

Of students who owned a laptop, 62% of them purchased a laptop specifically because they were going to law school. This is up from 53% in 2003. The average price of laptops purchased was $2080, and the median was $2000. There were five comments by students talking about how important they feel laptops are, and how they cannot afford them because of high tuition costs. One person mentioned that they do not like the “click, click, click” of laptops in the classrooms.

High speed internet access at home has also increased to 83% this year from 72% in 2003. There has been a slight increase in students with no internet access at home, but it is not statistically significant.

The percentage of laptops that are wireless enabled increased dramatically from 49% to 83%. There were a number of student comments about the need for more electrical outlets in classrooms. Also there was one comment about spotty wireless access, and one comment about how great the wireless network is.

Here are the student comments:

– A computer and internet access are necessary to get an education in the world we live in. My first year I did not have a computer at home and it was Hell.
– I don’t use my laptop in class.
– A discussion during legal process re: the importance of using laptops would be useful.
– Again, there is a relatively high concentration of Mac users, so it would be helpful to have staff knowledgeable in that regard.
– Either lower tuition or increase the number of scholarships – it is too expensive to study law!
Get Mac’s (especially good for people who don’t know a lot about computers – very easy to use (and they work!)).
– I don’t like being in a class with a lot of laptops -> they are noisy -> click, click, click.
– I feel as though my computer was as necessary as my textbooks etc, and that is how I worked it into my budget (i.e. unavoidable).
– I feel that computers are important.
– I previously purchased a desktop thorough work group purchase, but the quality was quite poor. Good quality a must.
– I think computers for communication are vital so the more we can do to keep up with the technology the better people will be prepared for the real world. Why don’t you have mac’s.
– I think this would be a great project. Some of use feel the need to have laptops – would make us more efficient – but cannot afford it.
– It would be nice to have a secure area to leave laptops so that I don’t laways have to lug it around with me
– Laptops too expensive, thought I’d like one
– Maybe you could give the poor kids a hint on where to pick p a cheap old laptop
– More power cords in auditorium and other rooms
– Please be more macintosh friendly; re wireless printing in the library.
– The reception is really poor at times. Also there are no plug ins in any of the lecture halls – that REALLY needs to change. Also the desks don’t have places to bck [sp?]laptops into.
– The wireless systems seems very inconsistent in a few of the rooms in the building, namely 204.
Wireless network is great, need more power outlets.