Encompas Dog & Pony Show

Encompas allows you to search many electronic resources in a google like interface, rather than having to go to 5 or 20 different web sites to do searching. You can then use native interfaces if they want to go deeper…

Works well with WebCT and Blackboard.

Patron can create personal collections; save searches; alters.

Usability – they are doing end use testing w/ Encompas to make if more user friendly.

Doing a global search should not slow the system down (google like). According to the sales person.

Full text searching depends on the database.

You can have searches running weekly, and be notified when there are new hits (or articles). A time limit can be put on the notifications (6 months for example).

Records can be exported to EndNote, Procite…

Kansas State has a goodle like implementation.

Some journals charge by number of people searching at one time.

eg: http://discover.natlib.govt.nz/index.shtml

Front end interface can be put on any web page with specific scopes for the particular resources.

You can build local meta data records.

Single portal sign-on with encompas?

DBwiz from SFU is another option?

Meta-lib and Encompas are the two major federated search engines. We’ve put $$ into DBwiz.