2004 Libraris Stretegic Plan Notes

Strategic Plan
Oct. 1, 2004

some people prefer self service over talking to someone. E.g. McDonalds airline industry. Typically staff not displaces, but go on to do more interesting things.
People are into satisficing- they get something that is good enough, even though it is not the best.

They do this becuase they can get it quickly and inexpensivly.
The Amazoogle Effect. – ubiquity and convenience.
People learn much more quickly in gaming environments… Americas Army for eg.
We give away a free resource, but people are willing to pay for convenience.
Technology is what has been invented before you were born.
Custom Bib records are a luxury that we soon will not be able to afford.
Some academics are publishing on-line so that google will index them so that they get more market share.
The 3rd place… work, home & ???? store, coffee shops, libraries? A place of learning or a place of community…. A place of information provision.
Some transactions we may not want to do anymore (where do hickups come from), and concentrate on the more difficult problems.
Partner with online book retailers to sell books via the opac.
3 Dominant Patterns: 1. Decrease in guided access content, 2. Disaggregation – unbundle services so people can use in ways that are useful to them (RSS, XML), 3. Collaboration.