Google Reader: Stop skipping around the web for your morning news

Tired of having to navigate to two, three or more websites every morning to get your news?  Do you want to keep up to date with some research and or news on a particular subject?  If so, Google Reader may be a helpful tool to solve these problems for you.

Google reader is a web based application, so you can access from any computer or smart phone, including the iPhone.  Once you’ve read and article on your iPhone, it will show up as read on your desktop computer.

Read It Later also integrates nicely with Google Reader on the iPhone, so that you can easily add items to your to your “Read It Later” list to read on your iPhone or Desktop computer.  If a website is not formatted for the iPhone, often it is easer to read the web page in “Read It Later” than in the iPhone web browser.

Cost: Free


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