SmartPhone & Tablets: Research Tools for Students?

evernote-logo-designI spoke at Arbutus Middle School on January 9th to a great class of grade 7 students about how their SmartPhone and Tablets can help them with their school work.  The slides of the presentation are here: SlideShare.

As promised, here is a list of apps and websites I referenced during our time together:

  • Evernote: Your Second Brain.
  • Google Scholar: Reliable articles that will put a smile on your teacher’s face when you use them.
  • SmartPhone Microscope: A digital microscope & camera for $150!
  • Google Now & Apple Siri: Ask you phone for help 😉
  • Google Goggles: Use your phone to translate paper signs, get product reviews and give you background information on landmarks your in front of.
  • CamScanner: Turns your phone into a scanner. Take pictures of your paper and turn them in PDF documents.
  • iBooks or Kindle: Read on your phone and/or tablet, and sync your place in the book.
  • YouTube: Tons of educational videos to help you with your interest or need.
  • Khan Academy: Great math and science videos from grade one to grad school and everything in between.
  • Google Drive: Create and edit document while easily collaborating with your group. I must have app for group projects.
  • Google Hangouts: Video conferencing and document collaboration for up to 10 people. Record your meeting if you like as well.

Fun Apps:

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