Solar Cellphone Challenge

SOLAR-Cellphone-cropI’ve set a new year challenge for myself to see if I can run my phone on solar power alone this spring and summer. Unfortunately this is the worst time of year to start a challenge like this in the northern hemisphere because shorter days and sun being lower on the horizon.  That said, if I can do it now, I’ll be able to do it all year!

I’m off to a good start with my new portable 16.5W solar panel (thanks Santa! $48 CDN) was able to fully charge my 6,000 mA battery from about 25% to 100% in 3 relatively sunny hours last week. I’ve also purchased a 13,000 mA battery ($32 CDN) to help me through the frequent non-sunny days in Victoria. My Nexus 6p phablet phone battery has a capacity of 3450 mA. My backup system is an older 5W panel I purchased from Canadian Tire three years ago with a lead car start battery (with a USB connector).

The only places I’m allowing myself to charge my phone is using one of my solar powered batteries, or in our car when using my phone for navigation (which will kill a phones battery in a hurry if not plugged in.

Hopefully between the two solar panel / battery systems I’ll make it through our dark Victoria winter. I’ll report back once I have a couple weeks experience under my belt!

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