When Implementing Successful EdTech Projects Don’t Forget The Pedagogy!

Are new educational technologies more effective in helping students achieve learning objectives than the old technology they replace? How IT professionals implement educational technologies, and how instructors use the technology can mean the difference between no impact on student achievement, and higher grades with more engaged students.

While some educational technology projects aim to lower costs and others to increase access to education, this presentation explores the intersection of educational technology and pedagogy (teaching methods). I look at the relative effectiveness of educational technology implementations as varied as: Digital Textbooks, Clickers, Streaming Video Lectures, Mobile Learning, Virtual Labs, Collaboration Suites, and Learning Management Systems (LMS). Hopefully readers will have a better understanding of how to assess the value of educational technology / pedagogy pairings, as well as better understand the key features that make for successful EdTech projects.

[slideshare id=49575205&doc=implementingsuccessfuledtechprojects-dontforgetthepedagogy1-150618212933-lva1-app6892]

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