CALI Conference 2012: Create an eBook in 10 Minutes

How To Instructions for the Conference eBook Seminar
June 21, 2012 – San Diego, CA

If you’re a more visual person, please watch the video tutorial that goes along with this blog post on YouTube.

Step 1: Open “Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.docx” file in Microsoft Word.

Step 2: In Word, “File” -> “Save As…” -> “Other Formats”. In the bottom drop down, select “Web Page Filtered” & save to your desktop.  Close Word.

Step 3: Launch Sigil & open the HTML document you just saved.

Step 4: Cut top 4 lines of the document (from “Canadian” to the end of “… March 29,1982”).

Step 5: Select, “Generate Inline HTML TOC” (located at the bottom right of the screen). A TOC.html file will be created.

Step 6: “Edit” -> “Paste” on a new line at the top of the TOC document.

Step 7: “Edit” -> “Meta Data Editor” and add Title and Author information. Select “OK”.

Step 8: “File” -> “Save” to save the ePub file to your desktop.

Step 9: Email the ePub file to yourself, and then open on your eBook reader.

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