Google Apps for NON-US Governments Please!

Google just launched a new version of Google Apps for US Governments.  Why do they need to have a version of their “Apps” product specifically for US governments?  Because of a sensible requirement that American government data be store only on US based servers.  I’m glad that Google Was able to do this for American governemnts.  What I’d like to know is when the internationally based version is going to be launched?

I live in Canada, specifically in the Province of British Columbia, and our government passed a law several years ago requiring that publicly funded institutions store personal data on servers in Canada only.  This makes sense especially in light of the US Patriot act, which allows for American law enforcement agencies to look through private data without necessarily obtaining a search warrant, and without notifying the owner of the data that they have been snooping around.

So Google, when is the Google Apps for Canadian Governments going to be launched? I’m looking forward to the press conference!

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