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Sharing Your TinkerCad Model

Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to share a TinkerCad model with someone else, or with a group. Enjoy! Advertisements

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Research & Collaboration Tools for Students, Staff & Faculty: a Free eBook

I’ve just finished revising and updating the eBook and paper book versions of my book, “Research & Collaboration Tools for Students, Staff & Faculty: Creating a Modern Memex“.  It should be helpful for anyone doing research, but especially for high school students,

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Making the case for Word Processing on the Web: Collaborative Document Editing

Why would someone use an web based word processor for a school paper instead of Microsoft Word? Here are three reasons: When collaborating with classmates on a group project, do you get tired of trying to figure out which of

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A Wordle Representation of My Blog

Wordle is an interesting way to visualize a body of text like a blog.  Students are research appear to be my two most favourite topics on my blog; at least by word count.  If I had guessed before hand I

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YouTube & Facebook: Educational Distractions or Learning Tools?

Do YouTube and Facebook distract students?  Of course they do!  On the other hand, can YouTube and Facebook help students with their school work?  When my partner found herself in a college class with a teaching challenged professor, I was

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The Way to Create QR Codes

Google just released it’s own URL shortener to compete with has most of the features that brings to the table, but has a couple of  extra features that I am very interested in. Along with creating very

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Just in Time for School: Collaborating on Group Documents Just Got Easier

Google Docs has been my choice for collaborative document editing for some time now, but this past week a new feature was added, that will make the process of collaborating on a single document even less painful.  If you and

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