A day in the Life of a Student using Google Docs…

If I was a student back in University, I’d defiantly be using Google Docs for collaborating on group projects. If I was fortunate enough to have a laptop and desktop computer (or had to use lab computers), I’d also use Google Docs so I’d be able to access all my files on any computer I was working on.

Here’s a link to the Go0gle Docs blog post, with a number of different uses for Google Docs as a student… including:

  • Text documents with double spacing, endnotes, footnotes and bibliographies.
  • Track exercise progress with spread sheet templates.
  • Collaborate on outlines for classes, as well as group project documents.
  • Use google sites for club and student organization websites.  Google sites is very easy to use, and is a browser based website editing web application.
  • Use equation editor for math and science classes.
  • Collaborate on power point like presentations in Google Docs.

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