Read It Later – A wonderful iPhone / Desktop New App!

Cost: Free – Website:

Read It Later lets you save pages to read later, even without an internet connection.  In FireFox, simply install the “Read It Later” plugin, and magically a little button appears on the top right of your web browser.  When ever you come across an article that you want to read later, simply press the button, and it is saved in your online account.  Later from your iPhone Read It Later app, you can read the article that has been reformatted nicely for your iPhone or iPod Touch.  If it is something that you really like at that point, you can send it to Evernote for indexing and storage.

The Professional version of Read It Later costs $2.99, and allows you to easily post links to the article you’re reading to Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, and even plain old email.

Reading Documents on the Road: You are looking through a bunch of news in the morning and see a number of excellent articles that you don’t have time to read at that moment.  So you click on the “Read It Later” button, then later in the day while you’re waiting at the dentist’s office you read one or two of the articles before having the calculus removed from your teeth.

If you don’t use Firefox, don’t worry, there is an easy way to add a “Read It Later” button to all the major modern web browers (like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, etc.).

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One comment on “Read It Later – A wonderful iPhone / Desktop New App!
  1. […] Read It Later also integrates nicely with Google Reader on the iPhone, so that you can easily add items to your to your “Read It Later” list to read on your iPhone or Desktop computer.  If a website is not formatted for the iPhone, often it is easer to read the web page in “Read It Later” than in the iPhone web browser. […]

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