Synchronize Google Calendar with Outlook

Google Calendar Sync is a new Google utility that synchronizes your Google Calendar with your Outlook Calendar. You have to install and run the synchronization software on the windows computer where Outlook is installed, and then you can specify how frequently you want the syncs to occur, and in which direction.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Download & install the executable (663 KB).
  • In the settings window that appears after installation, enter your email and password and select from the sync options (like frequency and information flow), and hit Save.
  • You will now find an icon in your Windows system tray; when events are syncing, you’ll see two green arrows.

One comment

  1. I’m an avid Google fan. I didn’t know about the ability to synchronize Google and Microsoft. I have now moved entirely to Google applications for my email, calendar and as a secondary location for document storage.

    I’m about to add Google calendar & doc to my email. They finally have developed it so that these two apps can be viewed within the gmail window. If I want the “big picture” view then I can still go fully into each app, but this is a great way to see everything at a glance!

    Long live Google!!!

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