How to get a Higher Google Ranking for your Website

I found an excellent article a few weeks ago, that outlines things people should do if they want to improve the Google ranking of their web site. You can read the full article by Danny Wall here. For those of you who don’t want to read all four pages, here is the executive summary:

  1. Get a Blog! But don’t just just do product posts. Blog about interesting things related to your products and industry you’re in. Put links to Digg & Delicious on your blog.
  2. Use YouTube to your advantage. Sponsor a contest for the "best" or "funniest" video related to your product or service, and offer a prize or two. Let other people be creative. Then let people vote on them. If the videos are good enough, viral marketing will kick in and you’ll get more than your money’s worth in advertising and web traffic.
  3. Use press releases to announce things your company is doing. Make sure each press release has a web link back to your web site (PRWeb is recommended by the author of the article).
  4. Be worthy of other people linking to you. If you have nothing interesting or good to offer, who will want to link to you? "It is only by being worthy that you’ll get to the top of Google."
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