Using Video Technology to Facilitate Skills Instruction

Professor Farmer from BYU

  • Deliberate Practice: 
  1. Identify a practice task (sequence of progressively more difficult tasks).
  2. Practice the task (need to be motivated – have goals).
  3. Analyze the practice (informative feedback, evaluation, identify errors, monitor improvement)
  4. Modigy practice task & then repeat (went from 4 practice tasks to 22. More microscopic in the tasks. Make sure it affects their grades).
  • You must somehow capture the practice performance, so that they can later review it. Too hard to try to analize performance while doing it.
  • With 22 exercises too hard to learn 22 different fact patterns. Students select one fact pattern to use throughout the semester. A web page lists who has which fact pattern.  Uses sharepoint to distribute materials during the class, including instructions fo the exercise.
  • Supporing technoligy
    • 44 web cameras on video
    • share point server
  • Students took trials seriously when videoed… immediately uploaded to the sharepoint server.
  • Web cameras in cases on a cart. 2 cameras for each interview pointing at each other.
  • Video Capture Utility in One Note. Are using something else this year.
  • Use Comments in Word to mark up the individuals analysis of their performance.
  • Classes of 16 are about right. More than that eats up too much time for the Prof.

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