Onfolio – Great research Tool!!!

This looks like a great tool for Faculty, Librarians and Students to organize research. It works a a side bar for Word, IE, Firefox, and Word, and then you add docuemnts to the repository. You can also capture web pages and mark them up. Then you can publish as much of it as you want at RSS feeds or on Blogs. There’s lots more. You can see a tour of the product here:


Defniatly work downloading the 30 day trial and check it out…

  • Great for reference librarian’s for shared collaboration.
  • Endnote and onfolio have a close relationship… They work together.
  • Browser based research tools.
  • 100% integration w/ Windows, Office, IE, Firefox, Endnote.
  • Real time awareness (syndication & aggregation, push & pull) of projects via:
  • web publishing with automatic RSS feed generation
  • Network web  publishing with automatic collection feed generation.
  • Cast publishing (blogging multimedia office casting) with feeds to local networks.
  • MHT (multipart html file) web reporting via “export”
  • Capture Local copies of web pages so you can mark it up.
  • Capture snippets of text and graphics and milti-page documents
  • capture list of links and complete or partial web pages.
  • Browse content in explorer style sidebar.
  • Create individual research collections.
  • Add comments, keywords and flags.
  • Highlight sections of captured web pages.
  • Search for document and web pages by content
  • create dynamic views of search folders.
  • Add bibliographic reference data to itmes & share with EndNote.

RSS (aggregation & syndication)

  • read news feeds in your browser.
  • Organize feeds.
  • Capture content from feeds
  • e-mail, capture & blog (movable type, Love Journal, blogger, Typepad) items you read.
  • Add times to reading list for follow-up.
  • Search your feeds.
  • rate and monitor persistent web searches.


  • store onfolio collections on LAN (read only)
  • collaborate w/ onfolio collections (read/write)
  • subscribe to notifications for shared collections.

Sharing Research

  • post individual items to a weblog.