Chandler/Westwood: Progress in Open-Source Collaboration

· 25 large US institutions working with the OSAF to develop chander with universities in mind. Chandler is a calendaring/ scheduling application.
· Attracted to open source.
· Calendaring unsolved problem on campuses.

How’s it going?
· Progress is slow
· Eventual role of the server is still not clear.
· Success of CalDAV is not guaranteed (though looking good).
· We are cautiously optimistic

Chandler / Westwood: Progress in Open-Source collaboration
· Right now at 0.4 release
· Goal to make something that is experimentally useable
· Wiki page – release date: Oct 26, 2004
· Initial functionality: email, calendar, tasks & contacts
· Elementary sharing: share calendar and contacts
· Next major release – 0.5 – individual and collaborative calendaring tasks.
· Killble release – end of 2005: target early adopters
· Campus Release: 2006-2007

Functional Requirements:
· Synchronize Calendars
○ View other calendars offline
○ Add events to shared calendars
○ Discuss avalability
· Share / synchronize contacts, tasks, email
· Sharing “circle” allowed read/write access.
· Sharing should be available > 90% of the time
· Using Email and webdav to share calendaring.
· On the server, each user will have a directory: Home Dir -> shared calendar, shared tools
· Sharing via webdav solves the offline use issue; proven, deployed, open technology.

Things we learned:
· Under estimated the cost of ambition
· Cross plat from and rich clients are hard
· Build and integration work is non-trivial.

Future work
· Add support for Calendaring Standards: CalDav, iCalendar, more messaging options

· Standard for HTTP calendar access
· Standard for WebDAV calendar authoring
· Support publishing as well as sharing (publishing concert dates, culb events)
· Support scheduling? Requirement for corporate calendaring