Make Your Own Custom Map on Google Maps!

Want to make your own map with custom pins showing important locations (important to you in any case). How about custom directions? Look no further than Google’s “My Maps”. All you need is a Google account, and then surf on over to Google Maps, and click on to “My Maps” (you’ll be prompted to sign on if you are not already).

You can just have fun playing around with the maps, or possibly do something more useful:

  • You can send people directions to a party or event.
  • Give conference attendees directions to hotels, restaurants, or other places of interest.
  • Want to create a Sight seeing tour? Now’s your chance.
  • Plot Crime rate statistics.
  • Identify Neighborhood watch homes.
  • Paper Route delivery (or non-delivery) map.
  • Cool photo album, with pins put in where the pictures were taken.

Some of the features that could come in handy depending how how you want to use the system:

  • Maps can be made public or private.
  • You can draw lines on the map (sometimes the routes it suggests, just aren’t right!).
  • You can embed pictures or videos in the pop-outs from pins.
  • Email your maps to friends.
  • Embed maps in a web page.

Lastly, here is a map of my neighborhood in Victoria, BC., complete with all the important locations to our family. Enjoy!

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