Flipped Classroom: K-12 ProD Presentation at GNS

I had the chance to speak to a great group of educators at Glenlyon Norfolk School at their ProD event about the Flipped Classroom teaching method. There were a number of excellen questionsGood questions and a good discussion followed. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Jillian McCue

Adopting a flipped classroom approach can free up valuable in-class time by using videos and exercises that students watch and complete as homework, or “pre-work.” This allows teachers to more easily differentiate their instruction and allows students to learn at their own pace. Teachers can typically spend more one-on-one time with students who are struggling during class time, and allows for more student selected project based learning to engage students. This talk includes an overview of the flipped learning model, a demonstration of one approach to flipping a classroom, and discussion of where flipped learning works and does not work well—along with equity issues to keep in mind when implementing.

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