QR Codes Make The Physical World Linkable

You can’t put a hyper-link on a poster, sheet of paper or bookmark, but you can put on a QR Code. It is a much easier and more accurate way to link to a web page than to type a URL into your smart phone.

How can I use QR Codes?

Using a QR Code reader on your smart phone (like the Google App on an iPhone or Android phone) you simply take a picture of the QR Code and the reader redirects you to a mobile web page or some other resource on theinternet. Depending on what you download, you’ll be able to:

  • Read a web page with text and pictures
  • Watch a video
  • Listen to an audio file
  • Download an app
  • Register for an event or buy tickets

QR Codes are commonly used on posters, in print ads, on bookmarks, on business cards and even on web pages.

My current favourite QR code reader for the iPhone is the Scan by QR Code City (search for “Scan” in the App store). For all other smart phones, I’d suggest trying the free Neo Reader.


P.S. Here is handout with QR Code information. Here is a bookmark sheet to go along with the handout.


  1. Your students could have a t-shirt made up with a QR code that links them to their video profile on e-harmony. Fast & efficient and beats that awkward “getting to know you time”.

    • Or how about students with a QR code so you can scan them into class?

      There’s a company called TIMEDOCK (timedock.com) that can do this 🙂

      Or a machine-washable NFC tag into a hood or overalls for staff uniforms. Both QR and NFC are going to be great technologies for things like this!


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