OpenOffice to be ‘true’ Mac application…

Until now the software has required that users install the X11 Window System, a graphical interface that lets Unix-based applications work on Macs. The new version of the software won’t require X11, and will work just like any other OS X-native application. I’ve been waiting for this since April when I bought my MacBook Pro. On both my Windows and Linux machines I’ve been using OpenOffice, and was disapointed to have such an ugly version of Open Office to use on my beautiful Mac… Righ now I’m using NeoOffice, but will switch to OpenOffice once it is out.

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  1. Just a follow up. Looks like OpenOffice didn’t come out with an “Aqua’fied” version of open office. has a nice version of OpenOffice for mac out. It is in late bata, and I’ve been using it day to day for several months now.

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