Class Scheduling


Gary Thompson

  • Makes scheduling much easier, with better results.
  • Start be setting the earliest time a class can start.
  • Min – Max sizes for class rooms.
  • You can identify the better rooms so that they are utilized more often.
  • You can block out time in classrooms (when other org’s have use of it).
  • You can identify days that you prefer not to have classes on (Friday), or days you cannot have classes (saturday & sunday).
  • You can keep classes by prof’s as close as possible.
  • Min to Max teaching days for Prof’s can be constrained.
  • You can create groups (for 1L for example), so that you don’t make conflicts with groups.
  • You let it run over night and it will go through hundreds of thousands of options.
  • If conflicts remain, you can drill down and find out what the exact problems for the scheduling conflict were.
  • Free 60 Trial for the software.