Murder Rates Around the World…

How is this for amazing. Here are some homicide / murder rates for a numbe of countries (per 100,000 of population; mid to late 90’s). From the World Health Organization.

  • UK – 0.8
  • Canada – 1.4
  • Israel – 0.5 (updated to include 177 terrorists victims in 2003 it would be 2.5)
  • US – 6.9
  • Russia – 21.6
  • Columbia – 61.6

Some Cities (from 1998) From the BBC News:

  • Washington DC – 69
  • Philidulphia – 27
  • Chicago – 20
  • Houston – 18
  • Moscow – 18
  • London – 2.1

Who would have thought that you are much safer in Isreal with all of the suiside bombings going on there than in the United States. Not just a bit safer, but over twice as safe. And if you compare Isreal as a whole to Washington DC as a city, you would be 27 times safer traveling to Isreal than DC.

So what does this say? For starters, the terrorists are doing their jobs well. They have distored peoples perception to the point that most people believe that Isreal if very unsafe compared to the United States. Secondly, what is going on in Washington DC that so many people are being murdered there?